Last Love is Forever

Stars drowned out by city lights

Spirit taken by the fight

Darkness takes the light

Sweep it out of sight

Light a candle

Make it right

Nails scratch the surface

Grounded is my Father

The wind is my Mother

My sister keeps the door

My brothers cross to bear

But in season will appear

Plant a seed

Watch it grow

What we could not believe

We soon will know

Lips are soft

The heart is hard

The ears don’t hear

and words don’t sound

The earth will shake

The heart will brake

Will you take a look

The fear you shake

A hand you take

Love you will make


By: Shepard of Peace


Blind Mans Lane



You’re going down Blind Mans Lane
Don’t think it’s by any mistake
Can’t see the nails and broken glass
When you get that flat
You’ll have to change that tire you’re riding on
Don’t think it’s a bit of bad luck
As many before you
This lane is named after you
It’s a place we all go
I can talk til my anger has to run
No need to hurt you by repeating myself
We don’t know
Til we are put to a stop
There ain’t no going on
Til you change that tire you’re riding on
That’s what happens
When you ride down Blind Mans Lane

By:  Shepard of Peace

She Had To Confess

She has told me to much already
Her feelings are all confetti
When she walks her knees are spaghetti
A calendar not turned
time wasn’t ready

Freddie she said
as he laid in her bed
her face red
excuse the mess
I must confess
I can’t undress
hold me so I can rest

He took some speed
and he had some need
and was gasping for his breath
I ran to the back of the room
Couldn’t look at his tomb

You know that I’m rich
You must think I’m a bitch
I paid the cop
bottom to top
Did not have to confess

But I needed a rest

By: Shepard of Peace
20 January 2013

When The Shit Hits The Fan

It’s so simple
Love the gays and hate the men
except the actors
because they pretend

But you haven’t walked on your feet
See it all through a computer screen
The TV tells lies
Truth is found only in a song
I don’t know
Is it possible I have it wrong
I’ve walked and I’ve seen
People who have hated me have saved me
those who were kind
are only there when I’m fine
Because when the shit hits the fan
You know where you stand

Here’s good advice friend
Be kind to everyone
The moon and the sun

By:  Roger Harkness The Shepard of Peace
28 April 2013

Judgement and The Judge

When a rose is accused of being a thorn

Only because it is attached

to the same branch

The sound of rumor

like rushing water

splashing the eyes of onlookers

They do not see

but only hear the sound

A cloud is accused of being rain

Justice is pain

Happy are the just who call the cloudrain

They don’t feel the pain

A song is not wrong if it has a good beat

The falsely accused can do nothing

but hide their feet

The judge will remove the darkness

The lame will walk as the blind see

making the sick whole

You just wait and see


You will see

Roger Harkness The Shepard of Peace


May We All Rise

The ground is found when there is no video around

A clowns in town but he’s not coming down

Raise those signs and shout about

Loud enough until its found out

With TV cameras turned away

No one sees it anyway

Then the ground shakes after the takers take all that could be took

TVs fall from their nook

Radio sound tells us whats going down

Will we get together than

Talk about things we hadn’t thought about

Come about things we have fought about

Can we organize without disguise

Will we make mend

Will we rise

Power to the people

Be the big size

Roger Harkness The Shepard of Peace


For My Wife

My wife wants me to write a poem just for her
Ive written nothing for no one for such a long time
Magic speak is in a book on the top shelf
Out of reach

Reaching up in myself
I think its time
I write a poem for someone
My anchor who never leaves me alone
Turning this one bedroom shack into a throne

It’s a miracle indeed that anyone would love me
I didn’t do nothing to deserve anyone
Yet here you are just for me
A crumbled up little man
Without a plan
Going nowhere
For no one
But me
I got lost
and found you
Now I wonder
For no one
but you

By Roger Harkness the Shepard of Peace

In The Day of a Blistered Sky

It’s a crack of light
With a lot of might
Yes we will
Yes we might
If its good
its right
says the good book
in the light

A box full of stumbles and a gospel of lies
Oh yes the preacher man can
The preacher man can
He’s got a plan

An angle sings
The bells ring
It’s a long, wrong, song

Then a hurricane came
Everyone’s wondering
I’m not to blame
All the same
It was just a game

The rich man
He got so high that he sunk so low
Don’t know his name
But he’s got to go

With one tree standing n just a few stars left
We change our shoes
We change our socks
We learn to walk
We learn to talk

By:  Shepard of Peace

Men Are Only Good When They Die From War


Men have hands
But cannot touch
But cannot hold
But cannot feel
For this
They are bad
Men are only good
When they die
From War
For this reason
No boy will ever strive to be a passionate man
Play war

By: Roger Harkness
The Okcitykid (now shepard of peace)

Paranoia Fear and Afraid

Nay we beg or hide
Degrade ourselves in mind of others
Who sees the truth written in the sky
Does anyone bother to ask why
Finding one kind thought for another

In cars or houses
Behind computer screens and phones
Will any dare walk out and rise
Without a disguise

We are mouses
Inside of houses
Fixing our hair for anyone
who might care
We knock and cannot enter
Into a door we cannot find
We cannot see
Accept through the eyes of another

By: Shepard of Peace