It Is What It Is

Got to understand
A heart feels what it feels
You can’t make it start
You can’t make it stop
It is what it is
And its nobodies fault
No one did something wrong
And nobody should have done something right
You can blame me
or you can blame yourself
But that’s just insanity
Love does what love does
Not anyone
Controls love
Its a funny thing love
When you try to make it yours
It runs away
And when you least expect it
It comes around
I don’t know why that is
It is what it is

By: Shepard of Peace

Just Be Happy

It would make me so happy if everybody could just be happy
Got to find something wrong
With Something
You’ll blame yourself
or you’ll blame someone else
Can’t just be happy
You can be sad because you did something wrong
or you can be mad because of what somebody did
But can’t you know how lucky you are
There are hungry children living over there in fear
Look at you
a fridge full and a shelter too
They would be so happy
Just to be you
But you just got to be sad
Because that makes you glad

By: Shepard of Peace

I Didn’t Write This For Petra, Because She Already Knew

It’s Going To Be Okay

You know
You got to let the lower vibrations go

All this talk about spilled milk
and glasses half full

Broken eggs are hard to cook
and they don’t taste good too

But there are new eggs everyday
Pick em up and don’t let them lay

Look down, there’s a pretty stone
at your foot

Someone may have took a look
But they ain’t got it
and it aint took

By: Shepard of Peace

To Magic Unicorn


To Magic Unicorn

She is the cupboard keeper of hearts
Safe and sure she keeps you

Clumsy But Kind


Clumsy But Kind

You mend a heart and break a dish
Stub your toe, but yet you know
Horses with horns are your favorite
But you hate stickers and thorns
In the hallway is a picture you cannot forget
With candles lit
Some peace you get
Stairways aren’t your friend
But a hand you will lend

By: Shepard of Peace

Making Peace With The Enemy

From a dream I had between 1988 and 1989.

Making Peace With The Enemy

Tonight, You’re going to break enemy lines
Sneak aboard a Russian installation
You’ll wait until morning
They might shoot you dead
They might put you away
They might let you go
But your job, men
Is to make peace with the Russians
You’re not going to pack any weapons

Proud of our mission
We stood until morning
they shot us with needles
Putting us to sleep, one by one
They said it will protect us
From the Russian disease
When they got to me
They did not have enough
I did not sleep, but only got tired
The doctor laid down with me
Said, “I’m sorry son, you may not live and you cannot leave”

They put us in civilian clothes
Marched us through a Russian mall
Didn’t know they had Russian Life magazines
Watched a Russian non-conformer
Complain about his hamburger
So they took it away
And replaced it with mush
We said, “alright”
And all the Russians said, “alright”

They marched us across a bridge
I began to feel faint and fell over the rail
One of my buddies said, “he’s going to drown”
My Russian friend said, “there’s no water, he’ll be okay. But it will be awhile before they come and get him, he might die before then”
My buddy said, “if he dies, I’ll die with him”
So he jumped down with me
My Russian friend said, “make some furniture, build a shelter, it might be awhile before they come and get you”
So we dug out a tunnel and went to sleep

By: Roger Harkness

I Feel Something Out There

Wrote this in 1977 about the feeling I had the first time I was out to sea in the Navy.

Finding My Way Home

There’s a road I must find
There’s a way I must go
Many signs come to mind
I just don’t know
Death finds the blind
A way I refuse to be
I’m looking to see
Hoping he who is blind isn’t me
So I sit on my suitcase
Watching cars pass me by
Hitchhiking home
A day done and gone
A week long
It rains at night
I lay down to sleep under an overpass
Outside Sioux City Iowa
Halfway home
A voice from the sky tells me to have faith
Those who pick you up
They belong to me
I’ve sent them to help you
A man in his camper truck
Buys me breakfast
Tells me of his service in Vietnam
Hands me a dime
Tells me to call home
I’m halfway home mom
Should be home tonight
I’m alright
And everything is fine
Some wanted to talk
Some wanted to listen
A young man bought me a snickers bar
A psychology student
Wanted to know what hitchhikers were like
An old man
Talking about him being a young man
He jumped trains then
A divorcee in an old red rusty Chevy
With two daughters
Wished me luck
Tried to give a ten
One picked me up just because it was Sunday
There’s a road I had to find
There’s a way I had to go
Death finds the blind
A way I refuse to be
I’m looking to see
I’m thankful to God’s people
Who helped me
When I was lost
Far Far Away

By:  Shepard of Peace

If Only you had my heart But instead you have my eye

You got me by the eye
This bird that cannot fly
Clouds are in the way
Waiting for the day
Why such a storm
It’s so out of the norm
And all you say
is good day

Blood drips from the heart
Down into my shoes
I walk a path not paved
On a rainy day
Stars don’t even light the way
Ok, it’s a crooked path
But why the rath
I stumble and fall
because I don’t have the gall
I know
You know it all
Honestly you don’t
A little kindness
But you won’t
I know I should go
But I just keep hanging on
By: Shepard of Peace


Fix it Before Mother Wakes Up

Don’t let there be no more flowers

No more bees

or no trees

Dead seas


Fix it

Before mother wakes up

She won’t be understanding

There will be a thunder shake

There will be no man made mountains standing

She will replant then

We will be starting all over again


By: Shepard of Peace