War Party Ruling

crickets march on
grasshoppers spit
an updraft
dragon fly is coming for you

Two by two isn’t true
Three by three is more fair
But sometimes you just don’t care

They’re talking on their soap box
They going to protect us from the terrorist
But they’re just protecting
The crash of the war machine
Let it fall
It’s just a God damn bloody mess
What will happen

flies circling ahead
Another has fallen
graveyards are so overcrowded

True is blue
Red and white is just a fool
But green, now that’s cool

Lost legs
Lost arms
Hidden are the broken hearts
Submarines can’t go that deep
Jets can’t fly that high
Greatest mystery ever
Why can’t we just make it end
In a world full of widows and angry daughters
We teach our son to use a gun
Tell him – don’t you ever, never

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

I Was Stupid Then, Now I Might Not Live

Who’s that pounding on my chest
Leave me alone
I need some rest

Her eyes splinter you
You thought you couldn’t feel
There she is
Staring at you

Like a blinding light
Making me want to confess
Leave me alone
I just want to rest

Tap tap on the window
There’s no one there
Now I’m late
Just my fate

See that red car with shiny wheels
It feels so fast
Wonder how long this is going to last
With all those smooth curves

Lightning flash
Thunder roars
Leave me alone
All I want to do is snore

One day I wake up
They’re making me sign up
I never wanted to get up
Put a gun in my hand
Send me to a foreign land

My hearts a pounding my chest
Tap tap on my helmet
Fireworks flash
Bombs blast
I’m awake now
Just want to sleep

Walking from one battle to the next
All I can think of is your face
In that bright red car with shiny wheels and such smooth curves
You make me feel so fast
Didn’t know it was love
Did you
Never talked
I was so stupid then
Another mile to go
I may not live to tell you

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

First Grade For You

A rock falls to the ground
Thought it would stay there for ever didn’t you
You can hear the silence of no sound
Nobody is coming around
And this time
You don’t have a dime

It was on the fifth day
The servants took their own place
All you do is pace
Mumble to yourself
On a shelf that was put too high
To old to do another race

I would tell what to do
But you call me a fool
Your time is coming
It will be first grade
For you

By Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace
Feb 8, 2016

Why Can’t Nobody See

What’s up he said to me
drippin sweat from his chin

Looks like the sun I said to him

The weather is fine
Doing good

Things we say
When we don’t want to say
What we want to say
But hey is for horses

Someone might tell us we are wrong
They might dissagree
be offended
But how can we complain
That they don’t see
When we don’t even try to tell them

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

You Probably Never Thought They’d Get Another Chance


A Hard Trip

Bugs eating rotten
gorging death
and you thought you’d just rest
I must confess
I thought less

Blinding sun
Look out
He’s got a gun

Mud tripped
He fell down
All you could hear was the sound
of a gun

no one fell
no one ran
stood still

Flowers in your hair
You looked fair
Standing there
A bullet ripped through
Eyes of blue
What have I done
How did I do
We watched
Love fell
At first the life dripped to the ground
you couldn’t hear a sound

She spoke with dolphins and cried with the raven
No one but her could see the season
You never cried
until they pulled the switch

Believe it or not
angels wiped your tears
A baby cries
and you’re given another chance

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace 2/5/16

Sorry, some of my best poems are the ugly ones, its just what comes out of me.

The Crowds Are Coming

Missiles fell from the sky
ISIS neigh
Millions walked a thousand miles
Leaving everything behind
They crossed the sea in rubber boats
For a piece of security and hope

Send the crowds away
That’s what we want to say
But I must ask
What would you do
If you were they
By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

Sometimes The Wind Slams Shut An Open Door

A tree stands still
But a tree swing
swings both ways

You may have slept all day
When you woke
It was dark
But look up
and notice the stars are bright

We’re only here for a short time
When things are wrong
Its then we pay attention
It seems so long
Failing to measure the good times
One day you wake up
So much of your time is gone

Our boldness becomes a grain of sand
Our wisdom a stormy beach of thrashing waves
Confusion without any rhyme
But you just know
Unable to explain how you knew
Leaves float silently to the ground
When the wind blows
Those leaves come alive and make a sound
By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

Two Poems

Just like these two poems, we are all different.

Don’t Want To Be Miscontated

You say this and you do that
Did you forget or did you not realize
If its ok for you
Then it’s ok for everyone else

I care
I share
Just don’t want to be taken
held onto and told to
Don’t want to be hated
or miscontated

Just want to be me
Ain’t hurting no one
Yet some will hurt
and blame me
they don’t even know me
can’t even see me

Wish I could show them all a world of love
Leave this world so full of miscontation

By: Roger Harkness

The Undrama Untold

The greatest story ever told was not so
Sowing seeds of thistles and thorns
Taking the bull by the horn
But truth be told
It was but a lamb
Stuck in the sand
I looked and saw
How do I untell what was told

The moon was not so bright and the sun was not so hot
The tree was not so big

The branch broke
It was not so strong
What have I done
How could have I been wrong
Out of tune I song this song
Yet the dove sings among
Hearts torn by the thistles and thorns
From the seeds I have sown
Vibrations of forgiveness song rises above burnt dead wood
Add a little moisture and a leaf sprouts
A new tree reaches out
We awake to a new and glorious
Sun Rise

By: Roger Harkness

Half Moon in Sunrise

Birds and butterflies
Blue skies and starlight
Pushing back the night

There’s an electric field of forgiveness felt near you
No one but you knows the feeling that is felt

Rickety shoes should be tossed out
You can take your holy socks too
The bed is made
Clothes are folded in your place
There is peace
Nothing is out of place

A teacher of students who don’t know
If they only knew
They’d sit up straight and not slouch

By: Shepard of Peace

Shadows In The Sky

Shadows in the sky block out the light and knock out what could be right
When you tell the truth and wished you told a lie
We all have a mirror we fail to see
Because its great and wonderful to be righteous
But only the sinners are forgiven
The rest are just walking the talk
Oh and the talk
Its multiplied and divided and all good things are forgotten
I’m sorry when it isn’t wanted
And forgive even when its not heard
Need to put the shadows in the ground
Let what is dead die so that the living may live
Just know though
After that thunderstom
Everything begins to grow
Without it, there is only death
I will always light a candle for us
By: Shepard of Peace