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Making Peace With The Enemy

From a dream I had between 1988 and 1989. Making Peace With The Enemy Tonight, You’re going to break enemy lines Sneak aboard a Russian installation You’ll wait until morning They might shoot you dead They might put you away They might let you go But your job, men Is to make peace with the Russians You’re not going to… (more…)

I Feel Something Out There

Wrote this in 1977 about the feeling I had the first time I was out to sea in the Navy.

Finding My Way Home

There’s a road I must find There’s a way I must go Many signs come to mind I just don’t know Death finds the blind A way I refuse to be I’m looking to see Hoping he who is blind isn’t me So I sit on my suitcase Watching cars pass me by Hitchhiking home A day done and gone… (more…)

Blind Mans Lane

  BLIND MANS LANE You’re going down Blind Mans Lane Don’t think it’s by any mistake Can’t see the nails and broken glass When you get that flat You’ll have to change that tire you’re riding on Don’t think it’s a bit of bad luck Son As many before you This lane is named after you It’s a place we… (more…)

She Had To Confess

She has told me to much already Her feelings are all confetti When she walks her knees are spaghetti A calendar not turned time wasn’t ready Freddie she said as he laid in her bed her face red excuse the mess I must confess I can’t undress hold me so I can rest He took some speed and he had… (more…)

When The Shit Hits The Fan

It’s so simple Love the gays and hate the men except the actors because they pretend But you haven’t walked on your feet See it all through a computer screen The TV tells lies Truth is found only in a song I don’t know Is it possible I have it wrong I’ve walked and I’ve seen People who have hated… (more…)

In The Day of a Blistered Sky

It’s a crack of light With a lot of might Yes we will Yes we might If its good its right says the good book in the light A box full of stumbles and a gospel of lies Oh yes the preacher man can The preacher man can He’s got a plan An angle sings The bells ring It’s a… (more…)

Men Are Only Good When They Die From War

  Men have hands But cannot touch Arms But cannot hold Hearts But cannot feel For this They are bad Men are only good When they die From War For this reason No boy will ever strive to be a passionate man Rather Boys Play war By: Roger Harkness The Okcitykid (now shepard of peace)

Paranoia Fear and Afraid

Nay we beg or hide Degrade ourselves in mind of others Who sees the truth written in the sky Does anyone bother to ask why Finding one kind thought for another In cars or houses Behind computer screens and phones Will any dare walk out and rise Without a disguise We are mouses Inside of houses Fixing our hair for… (more…)

Our Way

  OUR WAY A ship sails through the darkness of the 21st century, AD The dolphins make its escort Overhead it has a rainbow Following its stern are the Sea Gulls taking thier turn catching the updarft Light shines down threw the clouds Captain orders it helmsman, steer by the helmsman’s eye, keep a stay on the light A mariner… (more…)