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Why Can’t Nobody See

What’s up he said to me drippin sweat from his chin Well Looks like the sun I said to him The weather is fine Doing good Things we say When we don’t want to say What we want to say But hey is for horses Someone might tell us we are wrong They might dissagree or be offended But how… (more…)

You Probably Never Thought They’d Get Another Chance

A Hard Trip Bugs eating rotten gorging death and you thought you’d just rest I must confess I thought less Stars Blinding sun Look out He’s got a gun Mud tripped He fell down All you could hear was the sound of a gun no one fell no one ran everyone stood still Flowers in your hair You looked fair… (more…)

The Crowds Are Coming

Missiles fell from the sky ISIS neigh Millions walked a thousand miles Leaving everything behind They crossed the sea in rubber boats For a piece of security and hope Send the crowds away That’s what we want to say But I must ask What would you do If you were they By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

Sometimes The Wind Slams Shut An Open Door

A tree stands still But a tree swing swings both ways You may have slept all day When you woke It was dark But look up and notice the stars are bright We’re only here for a short time When things are wrong Its then we pay attention It seems so long Failing to measure the good times One day… (more…)

Two Poems

Just like these two poems, we are all different. Don’t Want To Be Miscontated You say this and you do that Did you forget or did you not realize If its ok for you Then it’s ok for everyone else I care I share Just don’t want to be taken shaken held onto and told to Don’t want to be… (more…)

Half Moon in Sunrise

Birds and butterflies Blue skies and starlight Pushing back the night There’s an electric field of forgiveness felt near you No one but you knows the feeling that is felt Rickety shoes should be tossed out You can take your holy socks too The bed is made Clothes are folded in your place There is peace Nothing is out of… (more…)

Shadows In The Sky

Shadows in the sky block out the light and knock out what could be right When you tell the truth and wished you told a lie We all have a mirror we fail to see Because its great and wonderful to be righteous But only the sinners are forgiven The rest are just walking the talk Oh and the talk… (more…)

Just Be Happy

It would make me so happy if everybody could just be happy But Always Got to find something wrong With Something You’ll blame yourself or you’ll blame someone else Why Can’t just be happy You can be sad because you did something wrong or you can be mad because of what somebody did But can’t you know how lucky you… (more…)

I Didn’t Write This For Petra, Because She Already Knew

It’s Going To Be Okay You know You got to let the lower vibrations go All this talk about spilled milk and glasses half full Broken eggs are hard to cook and they don’t taste good too But there are new eggs everyday Pick em up and don’t let them lay Look down, there’s a pretty stone at your foot… (more…)

Clumsy But Kind

Clumsy But Kind You mend a heart and break a dish Stub your toe, but yet you know Horses with horns are your favorite But you hate stickers and thorns In the hallway is a picture you cannot forget With candles lit Some peace you get Stairways aren’t your friend But a hand you will lend By: Shepard of Peace