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A Two Poem Day

You Never Love Until You Loved My love is a three way split Everybody has got their own side People tell me I’m out of tune And tell me to leave town They don’t want nobody like me around I try to explain When you love someone You never stop There ain’t no switch No matter how much money you… (more…)

Don’t Let Them Take Hope Away

Don’t Let Them Take Hope Away He ask the good bird that flies What’s it all good for Why The raven full of craving Just laughed Refusing to cry Everyone lives Everything dies Said the bird that has craving for raving Clap it down the hill until you get your fill Around and around some will be found others will… (more…)

It Happened Differently Again

It Happened Differently Again There is a vibration that goes between your ribs Stories told in opaque Rice and cake in the fields of your dreams Standing on solid rock The gray is rich The red is poor Seems we’ve heard this before But still we want to believe Them oceans make the sand If we ever go out to… (more…)

Just Another Stupid Poem

Just Another Stupid Poem It was a rough day today Like toothpicks fallen on the floor Picking them up while reaching for the door I’m tired Just want to sleep But I have an appointment I have to keep I’m so far behind on everything Haven’t written a poem in some time With nothing to sing Just sitting here Falling… (more…)

Don’t You Dare

You’re just insane If you don’t’ believe What everybody agrees Just must be Get in step they tell me Don’t be out of line If you don’t follow the crowd We can’t have you around Be political correct Or we make you a wreck We all agree that we are right How can anything else possibly be But everybody knew… (more…)

Be a Feminist

Be a Feminist It’s okay to be a Feminist Because we know women bleed and bear seed But don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists Because we all know Men ain’t got no need We all know men don’t cry They die only because they have to Empty the trash That’s just what men do Carry that rock and don’t… (more…)

Bernie Sanders

Rock the talk An earthquake in lock Lightning Bern Bernie Sanders Feel it Feel it Bern Wall Street is breaking up in the atmosphere Look there The rich man pays his fair share Because what was his He took from us Feel the Bern Bernie Sanders We’re taking it Back I have a job but can’t pay the rent Live… (more…)

War Party Ruling

crickets march on grasshoppers spit an updraft dragon fly is coming for you Two by two isn’t true Three by three is more fair But sometimes you just don’t care They’re talking on their soap box They going to protect us from the terrorist But they’re just protecting The crash of the war machine Let it fall It’s just a… (more…)

I Was Stupid Then, Now I Might Not Live

Who’s that pounding on my chest Leave me alone I need some rest Her eyes splinter you You thought you couldn’t feel There she is Staring at you Like a blinding light Making me want to confess Leave me alone I just want to rest Tap tap on the window Lookout There’s no one there Now I’m late Just my… (more…)

First Grade For You

A rock falls to the ground Thought it would stay there for ever didn’t you You can hear the silence of no sound Nobody is coming around And this time You don’t have a dime It was on the fifth day The servants took their own place All you do is pace Mumble to yourself On a shelf that was… (more…)