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Finding My Way Home

There’s a road I must find There’s a way I must go Many signs come to mind I just don’t know Death finds the blind A way I refuse to be I’m looking to see Hoping he who is blind isn’t me So I sit on my suitcase Watching cars pass me by Hitchhiking home A day done and gone… (more…)

Fix it Before Mother Wakes Up

Don’t let there be no more flowers No more bees or no trees Dead seas No Fix it Before mother wakes up She won’t be understanding There will be a thunder shake There will be no man made mountains standing She will replant then We will be starting all over again   By: Shepard of Peace 2/24/15

Last Love is Forever

Stars drowned out by city lights Spirit taken by the fight Darkness takes the light Sweep it out of sight Light a candle Make it right Nails scratch the surface Grounded is my Father The wind is my Mother My sister keeps the door My brothers cross to bear But in season will appear Plant a seed Watch it grow… (more…)

Blind Mans Lane

  BLIND MANS LANE You’re going down Blind Mans Lane Don’t think it’s by any mistake Can’t see the nails and broken glass When you get that flat You’ll have to change that tire you’re riding on Don’t think it’s a bit of bad luck Son As many before you This lane is named after you It’s a place we… (more…)

Judgement and The Judge

When a rose is accused of being a thorn Only because it is attached to the same branch The sound of rumor like rushing water splashing the eyes of onlookers They do not see but only hear the sound A cloud is accused of being rain Justice is pain Happy are the just who call the cloudrain They don’t feel… (more…)

May We All Rise

The ground is found when there is no video around A clowns in town but he’s not coming down Raise those signs and shout about Loud enough until its found out With TV cameras turned away No one sees it anyway Then the ground shakes after the takers take all that could be took TVs fall from their nook Radio… (more…)

Our Way

  OUR WAY A ship sails through the darkness of the 21st century, AD The dolphins make its escort Overhead it has a rainbow Following its stern are the Sea Gulls taking thier turn catching the updarft Light shines down threw the clouds Captain orders it helmsman, steer by the helmsman’s eye, keep a stay on the light A mariner… (more…)

I Feel Something Out There

I FEEL SOMETHING OUT THERE I stand my Forward Lookout There is nothing I can see But I feel there?s something out there That simply cannot be To that of which I feel I wonder what I would see Bridge to Forward Lookout Bridge aye Surface contact, relative bearing zero one zero Bridge aye Bridge to Combat Bridge aye We… (more…)