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Don’t Let Them Take Hope Away

Don’t Let Them Take Hope Away He ask the good bird that flies What’s it all good for Why The raven full of craving Just laughed Refusing to cry Everyone lives Everything dies Said the bird that has craving for raving Clap it down the hill until you get your fill Around and around some will be found others will… (more…)

It Happened Differently Again

It Happened Differently Again There is a vibration that goes between your ribs Stories told in opaque Rice and cake in the fields of your dreams Standing on solid rock The gray is rich The red is poor Seems we’ve heard this before But still we want to believe Them oceans make the sand If we ever go out to… (more…)

Plant A Flower

walking a heavy step a heavy weight keeps me still to many things just can’t think what to fix first For some it’s just a broken nail But for others, there’s no window seal to put that potted plant Just wish I just had that a window that is Its raining Left my raincoat in the closet When the sun… (more…)

Can’t Stop Death

Allah didn’t make the plane fly Science did that Aren’t we so smart But the birds have been flying for centuries Allah did that How long did it take to make that sandy beach So hot to your feet Have to get to the water Allah laughs Watching us try to figure that out As we prance like fairy solders… (more…)

You Probably Never Thought They’d Get Another Chance

A Hard Trip Bugs eating rotten gorging death and you thought you’d just rest I must confess I thought less Stars Blinding sun Look out He’s got a gun Mud tripped He fell down All you could hear was the sound of a gun no one fell no one ran everyone stood still Flowers in your hair You looked fair… (more…)

The Crowds Are Coming

Missiles fell from the sky ISIS neigh Millions walked a thousand miles Leaving everything behind They crossed the sea in rubber boats For a piece of security and hope Send the crowds away That’s what we want to say But I must ask What would you do If you were they By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

Sometimes The Wind Slams Shut An Open Door

A tree stands still But a tree swing swings both ways You may have slept all day When you woke It was dark But look up and notice the stars are bright We’re only here for a short time When things are wrong Its then we pay attention It seems so long Failing to measure the good times One day… (more…)

Shadows In The Sky

Shadows in the sky block out the light and knock out what could be right When you tell the truth and wished you told a lie We all have a mirror we fail to see Because its great and wonderful to be righteous But only the sinners are forgiven The rest are just walking the talk Oh and the talk… (more…)

Making Peace With The Enemy

From a dream I had between 1988 and 1989. Making Peace With The Enemy Tonight, You’re going to break enemy lines Sneak aboard a Russian installation You’ll wait until morning They might shoot you dead They might put you away They might let you go But your job, men Is to make peace with the Russians You’re not going to… (more…)

I Feel Something Out There

Wrote this in 1977 about the feeling I had the first time I was out to sea in the Navy.