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A Two Poem Day

You Never Love Until You Loved My love is a three way split Everybody has got their own side People tell me I’m out of tune And tell me to leave town They don’t want nobody like me around I try to explain When you love someone You never stop There ain’t no switch No matter how much money you… (more…)


She said that she dreamed of us sitting out front on the porch But there is only one chair out there When she realized this It broke her heart and I couldn’t fix it now its just an empty chair She came back around She sat down She owned it As she sits there in her chair I’ll stand right… (more…)

Two Poems

Just like these two poems, we are all different. Don’t Want To Be Miscontated You say this and you do that Did you forget or did you not realize If its ok for you Then it’s ok for everyone else I care I share Just don’t want to be taken shaken held onto and told to Don’t want to be… (more…)

Shadows In The Sky

Shadows in the sky block out the light and knock out what could be right When you tell the truth and wished you told a lie We all have a mirror we fail to see Because its great and wonderful to be righteous But only the sinners are forgiven The rest are just walking the talk Oh and the talk… (more…)

It Is What It Is

Got to understand A heart feels what it feels You can’t make it start You can’t make it stop It is what it is And its nobodies fault No one did something wrong And nobody should have done something right You can blame me or you can blame yourself But that’s just insanity Love does what love does Nobody Not… (more…)

Clumsy But Kind

Clumsy But Kind You mend a heart and break a dish Stub your toe, but yet you know Horses with horns are your favorite But you hate stickers and thorns In the hallway is a picture you cannot forget With candles lit Some peace you get Stairways aren’t your friend But a hand you will lend By: Shepard of Peace

For My Wife

My wife wants me to write a poem just for her Ive written nothing for no one for such a long time Magic speak is in a book on the top shelf Out of reach Reaching up in myself I think its time I write a poem for someone My anchor who never leaves me alone Turning this one bedroom… (more…)

Dear Blue Myrian

If to love you is a crime Then I’m the biggest criminal there is If to love you is crazy Then I’m the craziest person there is If to love you is a sin Then I’m a sinner I’m sorry I can’t help it And I don’t know why All I ever wanted from you was to just say It’s… (more…)

They Hate The Love – Love To Hate

pridefully haters will debate some make the cut the rest they hate if you ain’t one you don’t rate standing tall they will not fall should you try they won’t come down hide your face when they come around Lovers know that it’s not right Haters have never left the ground Will never take flight So proud of a candle… (more…)

To Those I Love Who Would Wish Me Harm

It’s a gray sky of thunder with lightening on top An old dead oak tree eaten up by ants They just want to eat me Because your righteous Finding wrong In another one When those clouds open up You’ll see me there And think it’s not fair Sadly I wish You would be there With Me By: Shepard of Peace 7/20/2008