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Finding My Way Home

There’s a road I must find There’s a way I must go Many signs come to mind I just don’t know Death finds the blind A way I refuse to be I’m looking to see Hoping he who is blind isn’t me So I sit on my suitcase Watching cars pass me by Hitchhiking home A day done and gone… (more…)

If Only you had my heart But instead you have my eye

You got me by the eye This bird that cannot fly Clouds are in the way Waiting for the day Why such a storm It’s so out of the norm And all you say is good day Blood drips from the heart Down into my shoes I walk a path not paved On a rainy day Stars don’t even light… (more…)

Fix it Before Mother Wakes Up

Don’t let there be no more flowers No more bees or no trees Dead seas No Fix it Before mother wakes up She won’t be understanding There will be a thunder shake There will be no man made mountains standing She will replant then We will be starting all over again   By: Shepard of Peace 2/24/15

Last Love is Forever

Stars drowned out by city lights Spirit taken by the fight Darkness takes the light Sweep it out of sight Light a candle Make it right Nails scratch the surface Grounded is my Father The wind is my Mother My sister keeps the door My brothers cross to bear But in season will appear Plant a seed Watch it grow… (more…)

Blind Mans Lane

  BLIND MANS LANE You’re going down Blind Mans Lane Don’t think it’s by any mistake Can’t see the nails and broken glass When you get that flat You’ll have to change that tire you’re riding on Don’t think it’s a bit of bad luck Son As many before you This lane is named after you It’s a place we… (more…)

When The Shit Hits The Fan

It’s so simple Love the gays and hate the men except the actors because they pretend But you haven’t walked on your feet See it all through a computer screen The TV tells lies Truth is found only in a song I don’t know Is it possible I have it wrong I’ve walked and I’ve seen People who have hated… (more…)

For My Wife

My wife wants me to write a poem just for her Ive written nothing for no one for such a long time Magic speak is in a book on the top shelf Out of reach Reaching up in myself I think its time I write a poem for someone My anchor who never leaves me alone Turning this one bedroom… (more…)

In The Day of a Blistered Sky

It’s a crack of light With a lot of might Yes we will Yes we might If its good its right says the good book in the light A box full of stumbles and a gospel of lies Oh yes the preacher man can The preacher man can He’s got a plan An angle sings The bells ring It’s a… (more…)

Dear Blue Myrian

If to love you is a crime Then I’m the biggest criminal there is If to love you is crazy Then I’m the craziest person there is If to love you is a sin Then I’m a sinner I’m sorry I can’t help it And I don’t know why All I ever wanted from you was to just say It’s… (more…)

Off Track Racing

trains on the rail hammer that nail you have a secret i can’t tell isn’t that special isn’t that swell a branch from the tree fell and down on one knee i see the reflection of disgrace not willing to run that race a flag stands still a heart fill and who let the water out who knows who gets… (more…)