A Two Poem Day

You Never Love Until You Loved

My love is a three way split
Everybody has got their own side
People tell me I’m out of tune
And tell me to leave town
They don’t want nobody like me around
I try to explain
When you love someone
You never stop
There ain’t no switch
No matter how much money you have
You are never rich
Once is never enough
You never had enough
It isn’t the taking
It’s the given
That’s how you keep living
But they all think they’re just knowing
And they won’t have none of that
What they don’t know
Is that they never have
If they did
They would know
What I was talking about
Roger Harkness (Minister Peaceful Poet)

To A Grand Son

Annie plus two
Where you going to
On a road trip
To the Colorado sun
Not much shade
But we’ll still have fun
Not to far
About a thousand by car
They tried to tell you
The young rarely settle
This is all so mettle
But it might get you a little further
When you get rich and famous
Remember to send that check
Don’t want to forget

Funny thing how a bridge to nowhere
Sometimes gets us there
Even when life isn’t always fare
Because nobody stops the sun

By: Roger Harkness (Minister Peaceful Poet)

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