Monthly Archives: February 2016

You Probably Never Thought They’d Get Another Chance

A Hard Trip Bugs eating rotten gorging death and you thought you’d just rest I must confess I thought less Stars Blinding sun Look out He’s got a gun Mud tripped He fell down All you could hear was the sound of a gun no one fell no one ran everyone stood still Flowers in your hair You looked fair… (more…)

The Crowds Are Coming

Missiles fell from the sky ISIS neigh Millions walked a thousand miles Leaving everything behind They crossed the sea in rubber boats For a piece of security and hope Send the crowds away That’s what we want to say But I must ask What would you do If you were they By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

Sometimes The Wind Slams Shut An Open Door

A tree stands still But a tree swing swings both ways You may have slept all day When you woke It was dark But look up and notice the stars are bright We’re only here for a short time When things are wrong Its then we pay attention It seems so long Failing to measure the good times One day… (more…)