War Party Ruling

crickets march on
grasshoppers spit
an updraft
dragon fly is coming for you

Two by two isn’t true
Three by three is more fair
But sometimes you just don’t care

They’re talking on their soap box
They going to protect us from the terrorist
But they’re just protecting
The crash of the war machine
Let it fall
It’s just a God damn bloody mess
What will happen

flies circling ahead
Another has fallen
graveyards are so overcrowded

True is blue
Red and white is just a fool
But green, now that’s cool

Lost legs
Lost arms
Hidden are the broken hearts
Submarines can’t go that deep
Jets can’t fly that high
Greatest mystery ever
Why can’t we just make it end
In a world full of widows and angry daughters
We teach our son to use a gun
Tell him – don’t you ever, never

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

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