I Was Stupid Then, Now I Might Not Live

Who’s that pounding on my chest
Leave me alone
I need some rest

Her eyes splinter you
You thought you couldn’t feel
There she is
Staring at you

Like a blinding light
Making me want to confess
Leave me alone
I just want to rest

Tap tap on the window
There’s no one there
Now I’m late
Just my fate

See that red car with shiny wheels
It feels so fast
Wonder how long this is going to last
With all those smooth curves

Lightning flash
Thunder roars
Leave me alone
All I want to do is snore

One day I wake up
They’re making me sign up
I never wanted to get up
Put a gun in my hand
Send me to a foreign land

My hearts a pounding my chest
Tap tap on my helmet
Fireworks flash
Bombs blast
I’m awake now
Just want to sleep

Walking from one battle to the next
All I can think of is your face
In that bright red car with shiny wheels and such smooth curves
You make me feel so fast
Didn’t know it was love
Did you
Never talked
I was so stupid then
Another mile to go
I may not live to tell you

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

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  1. Siu Faires says:

    Is there a copyright or anything upon content in Youtube movies?

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