Bernie Sanders


Rock the talk
An earthquake in lock
Lightning Bern
Bernie Sanders
Feel it
Feel it Bern

Wall Street is breaking up in the atmosphere
Look there
The rich man pays his fair share
Because what was his
He took from us
Feel the Bern
Bernie Sanders
We’re taking it Back

I have a job but can’t pay the rent
Live in my yellow bomb
Yellow bomb goes puff puff
With four wheels and the kitchen sink
It can go another mile still
Gets me there when it wants to
I work for so little so you can have so much
Feel the Bern
Bernie Sanders living wage
Paying rent and buy food too
Who knew it could be true

They say break a leg
No Insurance
Can’t afford that
Its a single payer plan
The everybody plan
Bernie Sanders Understands

World police climate change police abuse
drug war to many in prison
private prison
paid by taxes of the free man
All these stars are fallen
At the Bern
When it’s Bernie Sanders turn

By Roger Harkness – shepard of peace

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  1. The right way to upload a template that was produced in dreamweaver to my joomla site?

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