You Probably Never Thought They’d Get Another Chance


A Hard Trip

Bugs eating rotten
gorging death
and you thought you’d just rest
I must confess
I thought less

Blinding sun
Look out
He’s got a gun

Mud tripped
He fell down
All you could hear was the sound
of a gun

no one fell
no one ran
stood still

Flowers in your hair
You looked fair
Standing there
A bullet ripped through
Eyes of blue
What have I done
How did I do
We watched
Love fell
At first the life dripped to the ground
you couldn’t hear a sound

She spoke with dolphins and cried with the raven
No one but her could see the season
You never cried
until they pulled the switch

Believe it or not
angels wiped your tears
A baby cries
and you’re given another chance

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace 2/5/16

Sorry, some of my best poems are the ugly ones, its just what comes out of me.

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