Finding My Way Home

There’s a road I must find
There’s a way I must go
Many signs come to mind
I just don’t know
Death finds the blind
A way I refuse to be
I’m looking to see
Hoping he who is blind isn’t me
So I sit on my suitcase
Watching cars pass me by
Hitchhiking home
A day done and gone
A week long
It rains at night
I lay down to sleep under an overpass
Outside Sioux City Iowa
Halfway home
A voice from the sky tells me to have faith
Those who pick you up
They belong to me
I’ve sent them to help you
A man in his camper truck
Buys me breakfast
Tells me of his service in Vietnam
Hands me a dime
Tells me to call home
I’m halfway home mom
Should be home tonight
I’m alright
And everything is fine
Some wanted to talk
Some wanted to listen
A young man bought me a snickers bar
A psychology student
Wanted to know what hitchhikers were like
An old man
Talking about him being a young man
He jumped trains then
A divorcee in an old red rusty Chevy
With two daughters
Wished me luck
Tried to give a ten
One picked me up just because it was Sunday
There’s a road I had to find
There’s a way I had to go
Death finds the blind
A way I refuse to be
I’m looking to see
I’m thankful to God’s people
Who helped me
When I was lost
Far Far Away

By:  Shepard of Peace

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