If Only you had my heart But instead you have my eye

You got me by the eye
This bird that cannot fly
Clouds are in the way
Waiting for the day
Why such a storm
It’s so out of the norm
And all you say
is good day

Blood drips from the heart
Down into my shoes
I walk a path not paved
On a rainy day
Stars don’t even light the way
Ok, it’s a crooked path
But why the rath
I stumble and fall
because I don’t have the gall
I know
You know it all
Honestly you don’t
A little kindness
But you won’t
I know I should go
But I just keep hanging on
By: Shepard of Peace


5 Responses to If Only you had my heart But instead you have my eye

  1. Atif says:

    Checked on Amazon for books by Ms Nye and discovered one caelld 19 Varieties of Gazelle . Looked familiar. Last time the library had their surplus book sale I had picked it up for 25 cents because it had a Middle Eastern author that I’d never heard of but figured no one else would want to buy. It’s laid in the pile awaiting for me to select but each time I looked at it the title just didn’t seem that interesting. Have read several selections and now have a reason to finish it.

  2. “This bird will fly… one day!
    You’ll wait and see.”
    Petra Hermans, The Netherlands

  3. Nancy says:

    Is this how you feel

  4. Nancy says:

    Is that how you really feel

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