Blind Mans Lane



You’re going down Blind Mans Lane
Don’t think it’s by any mistake
Can’t see the nails and broken glass
When you get that flat
You’ll have to change that tire you’re riding on
Don’t think it’s a bit of bad luck
As many before you
This lane is named after you
It’s a place we all go
I can talk til my anger has to run
No need to hurt you by repeating myself
We don’t know
Til we are put to a stop
There ain’t no going on
Til you change that tire you’re riding on
That’s what happens
When you ride down Blind Mans Lane

By:  Shepard of Peace

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  1. James says:

    These photos are as fine a tutrbie to our dog friends/brothers/sisters as I’ve ever seen! I am so proud of our “guys” who’ve accepted these terrible wars as “duty”. To have the companionship of these wonderful animal buddies during these trying times of “unpopular wars” must mean so much to them. The dogs in these photos are clearly loving what they do. They and their human partners are obviously best buds. This tutrbie to our 4 footed friends is so important and meaningful that I have no time to chastise those of you who’ve chosen to go on public record as being the fodder our cannons need to neutralize.Semper Fi from a Cpl. at the Frozen Chosen. Those that count will “know”, the rest will have to wonder. God Bless our Troops and their wonderful dogs.

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