Monthly Archives: February 2015

Fix it Before Mother Wakes Up

Don’t let there be no more flowers No more bees or no trees Dead seas No Fix it Before mother wakes up She won’t be understanding There will be a thunder shake There will be no man made mountains standing She will replant then We will be starting all over again   By: Shepard of Peace 2/24/15

Last Love is Forever

Stars drowned out by city lights Spirit taken by the fight Darkness takes the light Sweep it out of sight Light a candle Make it right Nails scratch the surface Grounded is my Father The wind is my Mother My sister keeps the door My brothers cross to bear But in season will appear Plant a seed Watch it grow… (more…)

Blind Mans Lane

  BLIND MANS LANE You’re going down Blind Mans Lane Don’t think it’s by any mistake Can’t see the nails and broken glass When you get that flat You’ll have to change that tire you’re riding on Don’t think it’s a bit of bad luck Son As many before you This lane is named after you It’s a place we… (more…)