When The Shit Hits The Fan

It’s so simple
Love the gays and hate the men
except the actors
because they pretend

But you haven’t walked on your feet
See it all through a computer screen
The TV tells lies
Truth is found only in a song
I don’t know
Is it possible I have it wrong
I’ve walked and I’ve seen
People who have hated me have saved me
those who were kind
are only there when I’m fine
Because when the shit hits the fan
You know where you stand

Here’s good advice friend
Be kind to everyone
The moon and the sun

By:  Roger Harkness The Shepard of Peace
28 April 2013

1 Responses to When The Shit Hits The Fan

  1. Arturo says:

    Breathtakingly beautiful. No cocenideicns with Naomi, right? I love how the universe set you up for that and how your cooking was a part of it. If you hadn’t been grilling the lamb chops and looking for something to listen to My friend Michael J. Chase runs The Kindness Center in Maine. I will share this poem with him. Also, thanks for your honesty about your writing path. I can relate. 30 years of writing for others, and I still find it hard to take time to write what’s in my head and heart. But you’ve inspired me on many levels. So we’ll see.

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