May We All Rise

The ground is found when there is no video around

A clowns in town but he’s not coming down

Raise those signs and shout about

Loud enough until its found out

With TV cameras turned away

No one sees it anyway

Then the ground shakes after the takers take all that could be took

TVs fall from their nook

Radio sound tells us whats going down

Will we get together than

Talk about things we hadn’t thought about

Come about things we have fought about

Can we organize without disguise

Will we make mend

Will we rise

Power to the people

Be the big size

Roger Harkness The Shepard of Peace


3 Responses to May We All Rise

  1. Kuldeep says:

    Just needed to write and enirque where you got your layout? I’m scouting for one for my current weblog and really appreciate yours. Thanks so much.

  2. poet says:

    Its called the MT Dark theme

  3. Where college students and I could post answers for others learners.. Somewhere people can get answers for their quizes and tests.. No sarcastic answers or anything.. If enough people say yes, then I will definetely begin one and send those people the link to the blog..

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