In The Day of a Blistered Sky

It’s a crack of light
With a lot of might
Yes we will
Yes we might
If its good
its right
says the good book
in the light

A box full of stumbles and a gospel of lies
Oh yes the preacher man can
The preacher man can
He’s got a plan

An angle sings
The bells ring
It’s a long, wrong, song

Then a hurricane came
Everyone’s wondering
I’m not to blame
All the same
It was just a game

The rich man
He got so high that he sunk so low
Don’t know his name
But he’s got to go

With one tree standing n just a few stars left
We change our shoes
We change our socks
We learn to walk
We learn to talk

By:  Shepard of Peace

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  1. Magdelina says:

    A million thanks for posting this inamioftron.

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