Look for a reflection

a bird will crash into the glass
you will look and laugh
and you might not see the crack
you might trip up
and you might fall back
maybe you will look back
see you’ve fallen off the track
wipe the gravel off your face
get up and jump in place

one day your standing tall
next day you fall
all your friends call your name
and then they’re shaking their finger
saying you’re to blame

don’t waste your time with shame
there is no need for blame
just know to watch for a reflection
and get back into the game

By: Shepard of Peace
Oct 9, 2011

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  1. Julio Koza says:

    I’m an aspiring writer-of all literary trades (journalism, screen writing, satire, etc)-but I want to begin a blog for some adult oriented, romantic imagination literature. Anyone know how I can start a blog that will allow myself to do this? In my opinion I’ll need a warning page before entrance, and I want it to show up on search engines like google..

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