Flowers Awake At Bloom

A new wrong doesn’t make an old wrong right
At night we dream about the light
Stab me with names
Refuse to take blame
A child cries
Sometimes it seems insane
But when the sun rise, we rise and look to the sky
We will see and know why
Why a dark sky blanked out the light
the rain fell
grass grew under our feet
Silent is the walk and loud is the talk
As the flock watches a clock
Asking where is the rock
and the clock goes tick – tock
They say the dead shall rise
But I ask you
Why did they sleep
How deep is the deep
A truth sings
You sow what you reap
Remember this when you turn on your computer
And goes the beep
No longer asleep
Truth has a spark to it
And you will know it when you hear it
Listen and you’ll hear it

By:  Shepard of Peace
June 11, 2011

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