To Have A Dozen Wives

I wouldn’t mind having a dozen wives
If a dozen women wanted me
and a dozen women didn’t mind
sharing me

But a dozen woman isn’t what I need
Nor is it what I truly want

If one women could take part in all of me
to understand, care for and love me
and I
Take complete part in all of her
to understand, care for and love her
For what greater thing could there be?
Two as one in love
But this
Can only be a fantasy
How could this be?
Except that she becomes me
And I become her
What woman am I?
What man is she?

By:  Shepard of Peace

2 Responses to To Have A Dozen Wives

  1. Maor says:

    Even with my husband dyeeolpd we always go all out for the holiday’s. I want my kids to know that they’re just as special when Dad is here or when he’s gone. I love cooking the holiday meals and having my children involved, it makes it that much more of a sweet day. We got together with another Army wife and her children at her house and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner! Great food, wonderful company, life long memories!

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