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They Hate The Love – Love To Hate

pridefully haters will debate some make the cut the rest they hate if you ain’t one you don’t rate standing tall they will not fall should you try they won’t come down hide your face when they come around Lovers know that it’s not right Haters have never left the ground Will never take flight So proud of a candle… (more…)

To Those I Love Who Would Wish Me Harm

It’s a gray sky of thunder with lightening on top An old dead oak tree eaten up by ants They just want to eat me Because your righteous Finding wrong In another one When those clouds open up You’ll see me there And think it’s not fair Sadly I wish You would be there With Me By: Shepard of Peace 7/20/2008

To Love Your Enemy

Don’t make an enemy your friend Enemies you can’t trust To be betrayed by a friend Is to become very hateful and bitter Let your enemies be enemies They will never disappoint you Because you will never trust them By this, love your enemies As enemies By:  Shepard of Peace

To Have A Dozen Wives

I wouldn’t mind having a dozen wives If a dozen women wanted me and a dozen women didn’t mind sharing me But a dozen woman isn’t what I need Nor is it what I truly want If one women could take part in all of me to understand, care for and love me and I Take complete part in all… (more…)

One Hundred Times

If I fell in love one hundred times I would be hurt one hundred times But I would learn one hundred things Be one hundred times stronger And be one hundred years older Love is a process of learning Turning and changing Growing and knowing It’s an adventure out at sea Fighting a friggin storm Trying to keep her on… (more…)