A Two Poem Day

You Never Love Until You Loved

My love is a three way split
Everybody has got their own side
People tell me I’m out of tune
And tell me to leave town
They don’t want nobody like me around
I try to explain
When you love someone
You never stop
There ain’t no switch
No matter how much money you have
You are never rich
Once is never enough
You never had enough
It isn’t the taking
It’s the given
That’s how you keep living
But they all think they’re just knowing
And they won’t have none of that
What they don’t know
Is that they never have
If they did
They would know
What I was talking about
Roger Harkness (Minister Peaceful Poet)

To A Grand Son

Annie plus two
Where you going to
On a road trip
To the Colorado sun
Not much shade
But we’ll still have fun
Not to far
About a thousand by car
They tried to tell you
The young rarely settle
This is all so mettle
But it might get you a little further
When you get rich and famous
Remember to send that check
Don’t want to forget

Funny thing how a bridge to nowhere
Sometimes gets us there
Even when life isn’t always fare
Because nobody stops the sun

By: Roger Harkness (Minister Peaceful Poet)

Don’t Let Them Take Hope Away


Don’t Let Them Take Hope Away

He ask the good bird that flies
What’s it all good for

The raven full of craving
Just laughed
Refusing to cry
Everyone lives
Everything dies
Said the bird that has craving for raving
Clap it down the hill until you get your fill
Around and around some will be found
others will fall down

Then the wind blew
If you don’t bend
You brake
Just have your cake
We made it just for you

Lightning thundered No
The ground shook
Flood waters took it
Something must be different
Change is born in pain from our mother
Because destiny hoped for something better
Keep that spark and don’t you ever let anybody put it out

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace
May 5, 2016

It Happened Differently Again

It Happened Differently Again

There is a vibration that goes between your ribs
Stories told in opaque
Rice and cake in the fields of your dreams
Standing on solid rock
The gray is rich
The red is poor
Seems we’ve heard this before
But still we want to believe

Them oceans make the sand
If we ever go out to sea
Will we ever reach land
Every day the sun comes up and goes down again
The young grow old again
Life is born and it begins

But do you think maybe
Each time
It begins again
In each sentence a period is lost
Each picture a pixel is twisted

Why do plants bother to reach for the sun
A smile on a face
You can’t replace
No joke is as good when it is told twice
Each new display can’t be displayed twice
But still

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

Just Another Stupid Poem

Just Another Stupid Poem

It was a rough day today
Like toothpicks fallen on the floor
Picking them up while reaching for the door

I’m tired
Just want to sleep
But I have an appointment
I have to keep

I’m so far behind on everything
Haven’t written a poem in some time
With nothing to sing
Just sitting here
Falling asleep

This stupid thing doesn’t even ryme right
Some stupid poem no one would even try to sing

So skies are gray
and it’s cold out today
News ain’t good
But look at me
I’ve stood
I’m not kicking the dirt
Trying to flirt
Just writing this stupid poem
and it don’t hurt

So what next
Birds are flying
stars aren’t dying
Nothing has ended yet
So I guess everything is okay
I’m good for one more day
So thank you all for reading
My stupid poem today

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace



She said that she dreamed of us sitting out front on the porch
But there is only one chair out there
When she realized this
It broke her heart
and I couldn’t fix it
now its just an empty chair

She came back around
She sat down
She owned it
As she sits there in her chair
I’ll stand right beside her
out there

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

Don’t You Dare


You’re just insane
If you don’t’ believe
What everybody agrees
Just must be

Get in step they tell me
Don’t be out of line
If you don’t follow the crowd
We can’t have you around

Be political correct
Or we make you a wreck
We all agree that we are right
How can anything else possibly be

But everybody knew the world was flat
Until someone dared to say it was round

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

Be a Feminist


Be a Feminist

It’s okay to be a Feminist
Because we know women bleed and bear seed
But don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists
Because we all know
Men ain’t got no need

We all know men don’t cry
They die only because they have to
Empty the trash
That’s just what men do

Carry that rock and don’t talk
Because that’s what women do
Only women are pretty
Don’t you know

So everybody
Be a Feminist
Don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists
Because women have all these feelings
Just like colorful flowers
Men have nothing
There should be nothing for them

So go ahead and be a Feminist
But don’t be a Male Rights Activists
Because men
they got no need

Anything else but feminism is just greed
You just need to understand that

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace (A Male Rights Activist) (Ya, I’m a rebel)
Feb 19, 2016

Posted in the Daily KOS, this simple poem got a lot of negative comments. It must be true, as I hit a nerve, Attempted to answer these comments. My comments were deleted and I’ve been put in the corner until the 23 of February for getting three infractions within 24 hours. The first being the tip jar which they automatically add to each post you make, so hardly that is an infraction. The second being an explanation that I thought they were being hypocritical. Feminism is about equality; yet male rights is out of the question. I provided links to http://mensrightsactivism.com/ and http://honeybadgerbrigade.com/ for their own research, as they have a very bad misconception as to what MRA is. And by the way, the Wikipedia entry for MRA is way off, something we need to figure out how to fix. The third comment I attempted to make was an answer to someone who again asked what rights I was looking for. I attempted to reply that we should have the right to have rights, but both our comments were deleted and I was put in the corner. I can’t do anything, can’t even delete the post and now I wished I had taken screen shots.


The Daily KOS is like the borg. You will fall inline with the correct beliefs or you will be intimidated, blocked or even thrown off the site all together. As you read thru the comments, you will see that they support Zionism and censorship. Its hardly American as disagreement is not allowed. They claim to be democrat, but their form of borg like democracy is a little scary.

This makes me want to be more MRA then ever before and I’m sure others will come to the same conclusion as well.


Plant A Flower


walking a heavy step
a heavy weight keeps me still
to many things
just can’t think
what to fix first

For some it’s just a broken nail
But for others, there’s no window seal
to put that potted plant
Just wish I just had that
a window that is

Its raining
Left my raincoat in the closet
When the sun burns
I just get sun burnt

Plant a flower for me
She said
To me
I said ok
we’ll see
And it growd
That flower got up and growd
Big Leaves
Pretty Colors
They shade me
from all that sun and rain in me

Walking a dance step
this heavy weight has left me
bothers me
everything broken
can just fix itself
Now that I have this flower within me

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace
Feb 19, 2016

Bernie Sanders


Rock the talk
An earthquake in lock
Lightning Bern
Bernie Sanders
Feel it
Feel it Bern

Wall Street is breaking up in the atmosphere
Look there
The rich man pays his fair share
Because what was his
He took from us
Feel the Bern
Bernie Sanders
We’re taking it Back

I have a job but can’t pay the rent
Live in my yellow bomb
Yellow bomb goes puff puff
With four wheels and the kitchen sink
It can go another mile still
Gets me there when it wants to
I work for so little so you can have so much
Feel the Bern
Bernie Sanders living wage
Paying rent and buy food too
Who knew it could be true

They say break a leg
No Insurance
Can’t afford that
Its a single payer plan
The everybody plan
Bernie Sanders Understands

World police climate change police abuse
drug war to many in prison
private prison
paid by taxes of the free man
All these stars are fallen
At the Bern
When it’s Bernie Sanders turn

By Roger Harkness – shepard of peace

Can’t Stop Death

Allah didn’t make the plane fly
Science did that
Aren’t we so smart
But the birds have been flying for centuries
Allah did that

How long did it take to make that sandy beach
So hot to your feet
Have to get to the water
Allah laughs
Watching us try to figure that out
As we prance like fairy solders
to the water

We’ve discovered the atom and know there’s no god
While we’re still unable to stop death
They tell me evolution is a fact
I look at my uncle
the monkey and just can’t believe that
Why are you offended
By a simple silent prayer
Are you afraid
Prayer might work
You might be wrong

I don’t know and I don’t care
While you think your so smart and not always fair
Calling me a fool
We’ll see
When we’re dead and gone
Just whose right and whose wrong

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace
Feb 13, 2016