For The Sake of All of Us, Don’t Hate Yourself


No – it’s not okay. The mind is a powerful thing. More powerful than you will know. If you train your mind to hate yourself. You will create situations in your life where YOU WILL GET HURT. It’s the truth, and the only way out of this is to start loving your self. Then your mind will create things in your life that are GOOD FOR YOU. Plus, you’ll make this world a better place for all of us, because, believe it or not, we’re all connected. When you are hurt, people around you are hurt, and in your anger, hurt and shame, you will hurt others. SO LOVE YOUR SELF FOR ALL OF US.

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Don’t Be A Male Rights Activist


It’s okay to be a Feminist
Because we know women bleed and bear seed
But don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists
Because we all know
Men ain’t got no need

We all know men don’t cry
They die only because they have to
Empty the trash
Thats just what men do

Carry that rock and don’t talk
Because that’s what women do
Only women are pretty
Don’t you know

So everybody
Be a Feminist
Don’t dare be a Male Rights Activists
Because women have all these feelings
Just like colorful flowers
Men have nothing
There should be nothing for them

So go ahead and be a Feminist
But don’t be a Male Rights Activists
Because men
they got no need

Anything else but feminism is just greed
You just need to understand that

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace (A Male Rights Activist) (Ya, I’m a rebel)
Feb 19, 2016

Posted in the Daily KOS, this simple poem got a lot of negative comments.  It must be true, as I hit a nerve, Attempted to answer these comments.  My comments were deleted and I’ve been put in the corner until the 23 of February.

I’m learning that the Daily KOS is like the borg.  You will fall inline with the correct beliefs or you will be intimidated, blocked or even thrown off the site all together. As you read thru the comments you will see that they support Zionism and censorship.  Its hardly American as disagreement is not allowed. They claim to be democrat, but their form of borg like democracy is a little scary.

Repeatedly I have been asked, what rights do you want?  The short and simple answer is, I believe men should have the right to have rights and feminism’s objection is proof of their hypocrisy when they say they believe in equality.  This makes me want to be more MRA then ever before.

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A Future Dream

I always believed that if you have a dream that you remember very clearly and it keeps coming back to your memory, then it is important.

Well I had this dream: (which has been closed unfortunately)
Posted: Mon 12 Jun 2006 1:04 pm Post subject: The Answer is Buried Under The Ice of Antarctica

I had a dream last night that I was a part of a crew employed by the government to uncover a structure under the ice of Antarctica that would contain the answer, led by a recently discovered prophesy that led the government and policy.

There is prophesy if  Israel accepted Jesus and there is prophesy if Israel did not accept Jesus and that was the key that led us to believe in this prophesy that took us to Antarctica.

The law required that you submit to the doctors treatment .

The alarm went off before I could find out what the answer was we were trying to uncover.

This dream was in the future and this government was not America. This new supper government was one that believed in God and that prophesy would dictate it’s policy.  I believe that America didn’t exist anymore and we could discover what was buried under Antarctica because much of the ice had melted. And we would all require the doctors assistance, as global warming would make most of us sick. So picture that in your mind which ever way you may.

Since I’ve had this dream I have discovered some new things.  Don’t know if these new things are true or not, but keeping within the spirit of open mindedness, I believe anything could be possible.

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Sometimes the wind slams shut an open door

A tree stands still
But a tree swing
swings both ways

You may have slept all day
When you woke
It was dark
But look up
and notice the stars are bright

We’re only here for a short time
When things are wrong
Its then we pay attention
It seems so long
Failing to measure the good times
One day you wake up
So much of your time is gone

Our boldness becomes a grain of sand
Our wisdom a stormy beach of thrashing waves
Confusion without any rhyme
But you just know
Unable to explain how you knew

Leaves float silently to the ground
When the wind blows
Those leaves come alive and make a sound

By: Roger Harkness – Shepard of Peace

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We are all sinners

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I’m going to make a video about this.

We are all sinners.  and if sin was interpreted correctly.  It would mean that we all have accidents.  Evil is what bad people do to hurt other people on purpose.  We’re not all evil, but we all have accidents.

Our emotions will sometimes get the best of us and we do things and say things that we don’t mean and that’s what sin is.

People who are close to us will understand and tolerate the things that we do that we don’t always mean to do.  This is why the bible says that love covers many sins.

Everybody else will judge.  That’s what we’re all real good at, judging other people and not paying any attention to our own misgivings.

If it happens to be a law that is broken, the government will have no understanding, tolerance or forgiveness, only punishment, unless of course you work for the government like a police officer, soldier, congressman, the president, CIA agent, they can all be forgiven, but the rest of us, it’s punishment. Sadly, society has mistaken punishment for justice.

So we’re all a little careful about admitting our faults with others, because we will be judged, found guilty, condemned and or punished.

Our parents teach us to tell the truth to only punish us anyways, so we learn to keep our mouth shut about ourselves except to those we trust.

The world has changed a lot since 9/11.  Those of us who are old enough to remember the world before 9/11 know this.  Our world will be like that again.  The evil spell will expire September 11, 2016.  When that time comes we will remember what justice means.  Only evil people will be incarcerated and even they will receive an attempt at rehabilitation which equals true justice.  Understanding will be a virtue we have forgotten. Between now and then, it’s going to get a little worse.  It’s going to be a little bit more bumpy.  It is lucky for those of us who can go before Jesus to intercede for us to God and Goddess.

We will no longer seek to compete and judge one another as we do now, rather, we will once again seek friendship with one another thru understanding as it was always meant be.

Love and Peace

Blessed Be


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So Little Time America, 23 September


There is a lot of chatter about the 23rd of September as pictured on the license plates below an open trunk with a locked trunk inside. This is a message to us from The Powers That Be who produced it. As always, before they do something, they are required to inform us. Often they do in some sort of encrypted way.

From a new hit that the feminists are uppset about and I’m with them on that. This is not for kids, Bitch Better Have My Money (BBHMM) #
It got over 12 million hits on youtube and to many hits for VEVO, over 14 million hits was to much, it will nolonger play for the moment. So we’re listening, but do we know what we’re seeing or hearing?

The license plates say: “So little time America, 23 September” and this is when the dollar is predicted to collapse.

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Let me explain this and please feel free to add your comments. There are three evil governments involved in this. Turkey, Sadie Arabia and Israel and unfortunately we are supporting all three of these governments. If we wanted to end this thing in months, we would support Iran and Syria and pull our support from Turkey, Sadie Arabia and Israel. This thing would be over in months.

Let me explain this a little further. Sadie Arabia is a Sunni led government and ISIS are Sunni Terrorists. Iran is a Shia led country. It’s like the Catholics and the Protestants. Yes they can and have lived together in peace, but when governments are involved, it’s war.

There is gobs of propaganda out there pushing us to take out Syria and Iran and even go to war with Russia. Stupid mistake. While it is true that Iran has a beef against us because we tried to steal their oil in the past, but they over threw us. Syria has done nothing to harm us and is no threat in any way. Russia unfortunately is on the right side of this and we are seriously on the wrong side of this conflict.

I tried to start a petition once and it went absolutely nowhere. While I have a huge address book, Google prevents me from sending out a mass mailing.
All I have left is religion and hope for a miracle. Let us pray.

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Witchcraft The Unorganized Religion.

What is a religion and what is a religious person?  It is the belief in an invisible world. A religious person can sense this spiritual world and possibly connect to it.  Religion is the practice of influencing or being influenced by the spiritual world.

Witchcraft is a religion.  One of the most true religions.  I believe the only religion that is more true than Witchcraft would be the religions of indigenous people from around the world.  That would be because medicine men and woman were chosen to the benefit of the tribe. But the two are very similar, as nature is used to connect to the spiritual world.

Both of these religions I like to place into the fold of Unorganized religions.

Wicca is not true witchcraft but  a mixture of paganism and witchcraft where gods are incorporated.  Correct me if I’m wrong on this assumption. Because witchcraft was such a persecuted religion, there is very little information. Much was kept in secret and much was lost when those holding these secrets died.

In the bible it says to not suffer a witch to live.  This was an intentional miss interpretation of the scripture.  It was believed that witches caused ships to sink, so King James decreed the intentional miss interpretation.  The correct interpretation should have read to not suffer a poisoner to live.

What makes witchcraft a true religion is the three fold law.  If you curse someone, you yourself will be cursed three times worse.  If you bless someone, you yourself would be blessed three times greater.  So it would not be to the benefit of any witch to be placing evil spells to harm anyone.

Christianity and Witchcraft.  Most Wiccans I have come across welcome Christianity in their fold and Christian Wicca, a slowly growing community, is accepted by most.  Those who do not welcome Christianity wish no harm on Christianity and their arguments are provocative.  I have had a lengthy discussion with one individual who does not believe that it is wrong to be a Christian and a Wiccan but that the two cannot be combined, They are like water and oil, they do not mix.  In trying to mix the two you are polluting both and he does not respect this movement.  He explained this mostly because of the belief in Gods, where as Christianity only has one God.  Witchcraft believes in a female God and Christianity a male God.  I however reminded him that all gods are one God.  However, witches who are not apart of the Wiccan fold, I don’t know how they feel or think about this as I have not come across a witch who is not apart of the Wiccan fold.

My goal is to become a solitary witch or if possible a wizard.  It is my wish to conduct spells that promote world peace and prompt the earth to provide water and sustenance to those who are hungry and thirsty.  As of yet there are no such spells in existence that I have come across.

Anyone who wishes to assist in this project, I welcome anything you might add.

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Alison Tieman, The Artist Who Stood Up For Men’s Rights

I’m not a gamer and the only thing I know about Gamer Gate is that they support freedom of speech and expression in a civilized manner.

I’ve spoken with Alison Tieman about my suicide attempt almost six years ago and consider her a friend.  If you notice from the video below, men get it.  I support women’s rights, but I do not support male disposability, but equal rights for all.  If feminists truly believed in equal rights for all as they claim, they would not have attacked Alison Tieman for standing up for men.  If they truly believed in woman’s rights, did they forget that Alison Tieman is a woman.  Her right of free speech and expression has been denied. Instead of protecting this woman’s right, they are the cause of said rights impediment.  Proof that the feminists are not for no ones rights, male or female.

Alison Tieman’s personal feelings on the matter.

Alison Tieman as a Male Rights Activist, one of my favorite videos.

You can find and purchase Alison Teiman’s artwork here:  

You can support Alison Teiman’s legal defense here:  honey-badger-brigade-legal-fund

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