Activist For Freedom and Tolerance For All

I was born in Kearney, Nebraska on May 4, 1959 on the dawn of the age of Aquarius, otherwise known as the 60s. We didn't live in Kearney from what I understand. We lived in Edgemont, South Dakota. But Kearney, Nebraska had the nearest hospital. We moved around a lot. We moved to Des Moine, Iowa and then several parts of Springfield, Illinois. Joined the Navy in 1977. Taking early voluntary retirement due to the draw down of the military because of our glorious victory, Desert Storm, I got out in 1992 and moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This is where my sisters had moved due to a nurse shortage here at the time. Still live in Oklahoma City.

Originally I started out on the internet as the Okcitykid, It was my truck driver handle. I then became peacefulvet to denote myself as a peaceful veteran and then in April of 2013 I renewed my faith and once again embrace the Christian faith. I assure you, we will not be judged for what we believe. I don't care what you believe, if you are helping somebody you will be rewarded and if you're hurting somebody you will be punished. I am right on this and you will know I am right on this in the end. Jesus saves, and I'm not exactly sure how Jesus saves. I don't know the science or mechanics. Its not important if I understand this or not. A lot of people are running around explaining this to people because they think they understand but I don't think they do. But if you're out there helping somebody, then you understand everything you need to understand and I am not going to try to teach you anything new. I'm just here sharing and if anything I share is helpful to you than I am glad that I have shared it. I now call myself Shepard of Peace and this my new web site, enjoy.

I've written lots of poems. Published a couple of them. I know I have a poem that will touch you in a given current situation you might be in. I hope to get my poems organized in such a way that you can find that poem. If my poems, videos, or anything else touches you, let me know, I'm always learning.

Fear Creates Hate and War

Hate is a response to fear. If you can get rid of fear, you can get rid of hate. We often fear things we don't understand. A light can make the darkness go away but the darkness can never put out the light, only fear does that.


A round world has many sides. Everybody occupies a different part of it. If you can see everyside of this round world, you would have complete understanding


A foolish person says I know but those who are wise will say I wonder.